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About Us

Cry Freedom Missions was founded by Tara Lancaster. While studying in Dallas, Texas, Tara was educated on the horrors of modern day slavery, widely known as human trafficking. She was deeply moved by he statistics surrounding this crime and felt God tugging on her heart to act. A fire had been started inside of her to make a difference in the lives of those in bondage.

Today, with Wayne Pregnancy Center, women and men who are walking through bondage of trafficking, prostitution, addiction, abuse, abortion, and insecurities are now getting second chances at LIFE by learning job skills through the making jewelry, bath and body products, and more. Our mission is to give freedom to those whose freedom and innocence was so wrongly taken from them.

''We can all make a difference in this world just by spreading love. Love is powerful. The more people that choose to love and help others even in just the smallest way, the bigger the army gets to fight the darkness in our world. A little bit of light penetrates the dark, imagine what a lot of it could do.'' - Tara Lancaster

We are reaching more and more people every day and with your help, love and support! These men and women are shouting FREEDOM!


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